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Heaven Sent

Children are gift from God! Desi Lantern was overjoyed to be part of the baby shower celebrations with the Saraiyas. For the special day of the mother-to-be, we did the decor with ‘Heaven Sent’ as the theme. Let’s get a sneak-peek of what we did at the venue:

This corner defined our theme. We used the concept of hot air balloons and created an installation of the same. Use of white balloons give a feel of clouds.

‘Heaven Sent’ theme got a vintage look with this set-up. Using the stuffed clouds and hot-air balloons, we created crib mobiles. The vintage chest added to the aura

Besides the balloons and nets, we created the hot-air balloons with jute bags and tiny stuffed cushions to hang it on the crib mobile

Keeping up with the theme, we packaged the gifts for guests with a message for everyone

Even the drinks station got a makeover

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