When t2 Turned 10 – This is what we did for Them~


When t2 Turned 10 – This is what we did for Them~

Sunday evening saw the who’s who of Kolkata gather at the Crystal Hall of Taj Bengal. It was t2’s 10th anniversary party and Desi Lantern was proud to be the decor partner for the event. So here is what we did for them…

Fantastic Furniture is the Key to Dapper Decor

We used some of our chique and classy bespoke furniture which we have assembled from all over the world. Why be ordinary when you can be extraordinary! These were unique and tailor-made designs. For us events are special occasions and we believe our clients would never like ready-made run of the mill furniture for the guests whom they have invited for this special occasion. Keeping in mind this fact we provide exclusive furniture for the event like no décor house in Kolkata does!
…Continuing the story in Cushions

And why only furniture? A custom event demands customized furnishings too – including the cushions. So, for this party we also showcased some of our handmade goods like the cushion-cover with customized embroidery of t2 and ‘t2@10’, wooden table decor with laser cuts, which were hand-painted, and scrabble boards. The table decor too was customized. Also, our new range of wooden furniture was showcased for the first time at the event!

The Magic is In the Details

We tried to create interactive corners at the venue which grabbed the attention of the guests. The entrance of the venue was themed in gold, black and red where a scroll with the ‘essence of t2’ greeted the guests. The backdrop of the greeting venue was adorned with cage chandelier lights. We tried to give different detailing for t2 with floral installations and customized food stations were designed for each cuisine.
Creating a Selfie Zone at T2 Party

For selfie enthusiasts, we created a ‘selfie station’. And check out who all made the best use of the selfie station here…
Time for Something Cerebral

A scrabble corner, which was also a sitting area, also awaited the guests at the event where scribblings like ‘Like the aloo in my biryani’, ‘ Trending and Trendy’ and ‘ Like Red Bull Jaeger’ adorned the walls. This was the perfect spot to catch our breath and indulge in some self-love before you again swayed to the tunes at the party.
..and here is what they had to say
(lets have a wow video or thank you video from anyone who was there)

A concluding note

The difference between mediocrity and excellence is the attention to detail. At Desi Lantern, we strive for innovation and excellence by taking personal care of every detail for each of our party. This T2party was no exception – despite the hard work at the end we were happy that we managed to do something special when our favourite paper turned 10!

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