Brimming with fresh 'out of the box' ideas each time, with an extremely professional and focused approach and a penchant for keeping to their commitments. These are qualities that we expected and were fulfilled to our liking when we met this talented duo two years ago. What we unexpectedly got extra was their WARMTH which makes our work relationship even more special. Thank you Desi Lantern!

Abhishek & Paridhi Sukhani 24 February, 2017

A twosome of electric energy. Aesthetically balanced ideas. Ability to execute with precision giving all personalized help and creating any event into a wonderful and stress free and a memorable show! Desi lantern does it all with elan. We are proud of you! Bless you girls.

Preeti Sharda 24 February, 2017

I've been working with Sunaina and Preeti for the last 4 years and it's been an absolute pleasure to work with them. They are super creative - the understand the client brief and come up with great ideas! Their execution is also as per deadlines and they are more than cooperative - being there personally and supervising every small detail. Wishing Desi Lantern all the best in all their endeavors - would highly recommend them!

Vasundhara Mantri 24 February, 2017

Two young energetic talented girls, Priti & Sunaina. We had an out of the box idea & were apprehensive - but they met up with the challenge with great aplomb!! Was a pleasure working with them.

Rachna Khemani 24 February, 2017