About Us



Inspired to design celebrations, Desi Lantern (then Little Do’s) was conceptualized in 2010 by Priti Agarwalla and Sunaina Agarwal: the most sought after nuptial artists in Kolkata.

The unconventional journey of Desi Lantern began when Priti and Sunaina decided to follow their creative instincts and start a bespoke wedding and event design venture to help create everlasting memories for their clients.

What boosts the success of the duo in the current dynamic market is their deep repertoire of knowledge, expertise, and willingness to experience and experiment different forms of culture, designs and concepts that inspire beautiful pieces of décor art.

The Founders


A graduate from Shri Ram College of Commerce, New Delhi, Priti has covered an arduous journey with her co-founder to give shape to the brand persona of Desi Lantern.

Her creative expedition started with designing birthday cards for her kids which soon turned into a full time venture called “Little Do’s.”  With this entrepreneurial venture she amassed expertise to plan and stylize kids’ birthday parties and small gatherings.

Realizing the potential and success in the market “Little Do’s” then metamorphosed into Desi Lantern. Priti’s urge for perfection and her inherent creative skills alleviated the quality of her work transforming ordinary spaces into picture-perfect backdrops for memorable events.

“I believe that being able to enjoy complete artistic freedom would pave the way for us to achieve greater success and help us create a perfect creative rendezvous”- Priti Agarwalla


Sunaina is an immensely talented commerce graduate from Jadavpur University with a knack for handmade art. Her designing prowess surfaced at her daughter’s birthday party which earned her due appreciation and admiration from her family and friends. Her unconventional entrepreneurial journey began when the appreciation converted into business and she got requests for décor styling and event planning from friends & acquaintances.

She believes in clean and bold designs and has an affinity for geometric patterns and color blocking. She enjoys the amalgamation of flora art and décor elements with appropriate light structures to create alluring decoration styles.

Sunaina’s penchant for great detailing and styling has given her special recognition in the minds of her clients who appreciate that she goes the extra mile during the event with her presence and personal touch.

“Getting the space to vent our creative aspirations and tapping the right target audience will assure resounding success of Desi Lantern and make it a one-stop shop to designing celebrations” – Sunaina Agarwal

The perfect blend of Sunaina’s artistic sensibilities and Priti’s design aesthetics puts Desi Lantern among Kolkata’s most influential wedding and event décor design companies.